ALGS North American Online Qualifiers #1 - Final Analysis

written by RkT 7 months ago

Continuing the analysis of Meta Report #3, today is the turn of the North America region.

Disclaimer: The data obtained for the pick rates of the legends were obtained through streams; so there may be errors in some compositions. Kills information were obtained from Battlefy The analysis will be focusing on the top 5 teams which made it to the playoff stage in Texas.

Standings from NA online qualifier finals.
Standings from NA online qualifier finals.
End circle and pick rate info.
End circle and pick rate info.

Looking at the pick rates in these five games:

  • Wraith is the legend which no team in North America wants to be without (100% pick rate). A legend that lends itself to take risks thanks to her tactical ability, and with his ultimate allows safe rotations for the team.
  • Wattson follows her very closely (95% pick rate). Key element in the competitive meta since she entered the game. Her ability to generate defensive perimeters and blocking ultimates (like Gibraltar's) and grenades makes her an essential pick.
  • Pathfinder (70% pick rate) The ability to know where the next circle closes for early rotations, the mobility that adds to the team (even though not as safe as the Wraith's teleport) and access to certain places on the map that are otherwise inaccessible to the rest of the teams is what make Pathfinder’s high pick rate
  • Finally we have Gibraltar (30% pick rate) who is very useful when changing the pace of the fights thanks to its dome including fast heal and fast revive underneath it. Surprisingly as well we see Crypto picked up for these qualifiers with a 5% pick rate.

Not much variation was seen in terms of compositions.

  • Wraith, Wattson, Pathfinder (70% pick rate): it is the preferred option. The mobility provided by this composition with the capacity to generate defensive perimeters with Wattson; makes it the number one choice.
  • Wraith, Wattson, Gibraltar (25% pick rate): It is difficult not to make the comparison between North America and Europe. While in Europe this composition has a 75% pick rate, in North America it only reaches 25%. This could be an indicator of playing styles according to the region.
  • Wraith, Gibraltar, Crypto (5% pick rate): Only one team (MSK) chose to innovate in this qualifier; unfortunately it did not obtain the best results, obtaining 14 points in this last stage.

Analyzing the average points per team in the five rounds, we have:

If we divide into 3 groups we have: Team SoloMid (13.0 Points) and Snipers Abusers (11.4 Points) in the first group. Team SoloMid with a difference of almost 2 points on average per game (8 points total). Rogue (9.8 Points), Team Squiward (9.2 Points) and RCO White (8.4 Points) in the second group. Rogue and Team Squidward with a slight difference between them. RCO White is further away, practically working as the boundary between the end of group 2 and the beginning of group 3. Sentinels (7.8 Points) and lil poggies (7.2 Points) in the last group. Not far behind RCO White, but in this qualifier they could not reach that top 5. Good overall performance of these two teams both with more than 30 points.

If we look at the results per round (in the "select team to show" filter are the 20 teams that participated):

Team SoloMid and Snipers Abusers were the most stable teams, getting at least 5 points per round and finding a balance between placement points and Kill points

Rogue and Team Squidward teams with ups and downs, performed well in some games but for different reasons. Rogue oriented to placement points while Team Squidward much more aggressive and in search of those kills.

RCO White another team that showed stability as Team SoloMid and Snipers Abusers, but with less efficiency, and a complicated first round.

Looking more closely at the performance of each team: Team SoloMid:

  • ImperialHa1 as Wraith
  • Albralelie as Pathfinder
  • Reps as Wattson

Team SoloMid showed why they are the big favorite again, 8 points difference to second place and 16 points to third place. They showed stability in all five games, which is not easy. A very balanced relationship between placement points (33 points) and kill points (32 points), a concept that I will be developing more soon. The only thing they couldn't achieve was to get a single win in the five games.

Snipers Abusers:

  • Snip3down as Wraith
  • Gdolphn as Wattson
  • TheBcJ as Pathfinder

Snipers Abusers despite having a stable performance, ended up below Team SoloMid. The only exception was game 3, where they got 24 points (that being the game where Team SoloMid had their worst performance). A more aggressive team, compared to Team SoloMid, with a ratio of placement points (25 points) to kill points (32 points).


  • HusKers as Wattson
  • Sweet as Wraith
  • Dropped as Pathfinder

Rogue got most of their total score (49 points) from placement points (29 points) of which 24 points came from the top two. Rogue scored on positioning rather than aggression and lows during the game, focusing on placement.

Team Squidward

  • Lou as Pathfinder
  • Rockerapex as Wattson
  • NAFENBLOOM as Wraith

Team Squidward, despite having a similar score to Rogue, went the opposite way to Rogue. Of their total points (46 points) 31 come from kills (second team with the most kills, closely following Team SoloMid). This serves as an indicator of a more aggressive team, which even entering the midgame already has a good number of kills. Game 1 and game 2 are a good example of this, ending in 12 position in the first game and 16 in the second game, the kills were 7 and 5 respectively. This game style is approached from the landing spot; Capitol City (The landing spot of Team Squidward) is a place where more than one team drops, also, being in the center of the map allows for quick rotations or blocking of other team's rotations to get those kills.

RCO White:

  • Hill as Pathfinder
  • Gabeismon as Wattson
  • Xenial as Wraith

RCO White showed stability, except in game 1. In the rest of the games they get a balance of their total points (42 points), 22 of which come from the kills and 20 from placement. With a better game 1, they could have quietly obtained the third or fourth place.


Just five games may not be enough to understand what the true potential of these teams is. Despite this, they are good indicators of what we can expect in Texas. Team SoloMid showing why it is the favorite and continues to defend the titles it has won, stability above all else and despite not getting a win they had the best performance in placement points and kills. Sniper Abusers is a team to follow closely, good performance in these five games, and despite not being at the same level of Team SoloMid, they got a victory in game 3. Rogue and Team Squidward obtained good results in one particular aspect, Rogue in placement points and Team Squidward in kill points. RCO White had a balanced result between placement points and kills but with an overall performance lower than the top 4. Sentinels and Lil Poggies were very close to the top 5 teams to consider for the next tournament.


Anyone noticed diffirence between US and EU meta? Wraith and Watson have the same numbers, but US prefer Pathfinder, while EU players prefer Gibraltar. Very interesting
Reanon Posted on: 2020-02-18 17:42
It's super interesting. It's going to be great to see what happens in the major when the two styles of play meet.
RkT Posted on: 2020-02-18 17:48

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