ALGS Second Online Qualifiers for GLL Paris Premier Event

written by hex4 7 months ago

An email has been sent out via Battlefy including all the details with regards to the second online qualifiers that will give the teams a passage to the first Premier Event being held in Paris by GLL.

As opposed to the original announcement of ALGS, the second qualifiers have been moved to later date in March, from the 21st till the 23rd. The registration for this qualifier will open on March 7th 10AM PST (check your timezone) and closes on the 19th of March at 12PM PST.

The main three changes to these second qualifiers when compared to the first one held in January are:

  • You need to be at least Diamond 4 in Ranked Series 3 using the same account you're registering with on Battlefy for the tournament by 19th March 2PM Pacific Time (timezone converter again). The first qualifier had only a requirement of Gold 4.
  • There will be a maximum of 320 teams allowed to register for these qualifiers in the North American and European Qualifiers. On the first online qualifiers the European region had 640 teams registered which in fact resulted in further delays due to server issues.
  • The number of games per round was increased to 4 (from 3). Lots of teams had given this feedback after the first qualifiers since the game has RNG in it; 3 games might not be enough to show your potential.
  • Another important update during these qualifiers is that teams may not receive coaching during a match. Any communication between player that are not on the same may be considered as coaching.

While delays may sound boring; it's also a good sign. This delay might give more time for the Devs at Respawn to fix the several servers/crashing problems that a lot of players ended up facing during the first qualifiers and are still facing till this day. We can only hope; fingers crossed!

Source: Email sent via Battlefy

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