How will COVID-19 affect the Arlington Major?

written by BeanAnalysis 7 months ago

Across almost every major Esport in the industry, we are seeing tournaments cancelled, as well as players and teams barred from leaving or entering certain countries. In a recent event, the Silesian government is banning the entire audience from the tournament, Intel Extreme Masters Katowice. When it comes to the Apex Legends Global Series Major that is happening in early March, there could be a lot of adverse effects that could come out from EA due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

The biggest concern would be Asian teams not being able to attend due to the fact that most cases are reported from that location. At the time of writing this article there is a total of just over 82,000 cases world wide, with the majority of cases (just over 78,000) reported from Mainland China. This could cause a lot of teams from that region to be barred from competition.

The next concern would be European Countries and their governments. We have seen major crackdowns on international travel from a lot of European governments due to small outbreaks within certain countries. This includes Italy, who recently had a spike in cases that went from 300 to over 500 cases within a matter of days. There hasn’t been any countries that have taken the step to completely close their borders. Although we could see that change very quickly as more cases start to pop up.

As we enter into March with no official word from EA on the subject, we just have to wait and see what kind of actions, if any, will be made by the tournament hosts as we approach the inaugural Apex Legends GLobal Series Major.




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