noted & Grego part ways with Team Secret

written by hex4 7 months ago

In two separate tweets by each player Vinícius 'noted' Mancinni and Gregory 'Grego' McAllen have announced that they are parting ways from Team Secret. Both players had joined this organisation not long ago on the 24th of January alongside Yousif.

The only tournament that this line-up has participated in would be the ALGS Major NA qualifiers held in January. Unfortunately the team didn't make it through the Quarter Finals stage and hence lost the chance to make it to ALGS Major in Arlington Texas. The following are the results they obtained during the qualifiers:

  • 9th place in Round 1
  • 9th place again in Round 2
  • 16th place in Quarter Finals

Both these players are quite known with the Apex Legends pro scene. In fact both noted and Grego had participated in the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational in Krakow Poland last year where noted played with Quasar Generation Red finishing 51st and Grego played with Team Reciprocity NA finishing 24th respectively.

Team Secret is now left only with Yousif.  Will they pick up 2 new players?
Team Secret is now left only with Yousif. Will they pick up 2 new players?

While Grego has said that he will be focusing on streaming for now, noted is still looking for squads. We wish both players as well as Yousif from Team Secret the best in their future endeavours.

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Unfortuante that Secret dropped their Roster. The guys were full of potential, and did not have the chance to prove themselves enough,
m1nac Posted on: 2020-02-16 20:47

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