Team Fearow sign up ex-Red Devils e-Sports squad

written by hex4 7 months ago

Another Brazilian line-up has been confirmed by another organisation after INTZ had confirmed the players from Team Maia that qualified to the Texas Major from the Online Qualifiers of South America. Team Fearow has announced that they confirmed the line up of the players consisting of khalef, tur0gh- and OMM. These 3 Brazilian players played under the team name of Red DevilS e-Sports during the Qualifiers.

© Team Fearow - new line up announcement
© Team Fearow - new line up announcement

The South American Qualifiers had only three stages and the following where the results obtained by this line-up:

  • 3rd in Quarter Finals winning a game and another 3rd position
  • 10th in Semi Finals
  • 4th in Final including a win in the 2nd game

With a 4th place in the Final game, Team Fearow will be playing in the Open Stage of the Major come next 13th March.

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