TSM claim the Back5Back win in North American Online Tournament

written by BeanAnalysis 6 months ago

After the long competitive drought in the Apex Legends scene, the community was finally gifted with the ALGS online qualifiers for all regions. Although these "qualifiers" are no longer qualifiers and just an online tournament officially meant for the Apex Legends Global Series. Without missing a beat, the organization known as TSM showed everyone why they are considered by many to be the best Apex Legends roster in the world. They proved that today, March 23rd, 2020 by taking the top spot in North America (NA).

TSM not only secured 1500 ALGS points with the tournament win today, they also claimed $21,000 for taking the No.1 spot. While being seen as being the biggest targets for most teams, the TSM roster that consists of Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen, Mac “Albralelie” Beckwith, and Jordan “Reps” Wolfe clinched the finals with three 1st place finishes. That coupled with a solid 2nd game with 13 kills (the most during the entire final 5 rounds), built the cornerstone of today’s success.

Sola Fide, a newer Esports organization, took a lot of well known teams by surprise in taking 2nd place in the online tournament. With the roster of Jordan “Turnzz” McClelland, Hunter “Pride” Perez, and Gabe “Metro” Matthews they inched out above the rest of the field. They performed valiantly grabbing one 1st place finish and multiple top 5 finishes with a decent spread of kills. They are certainly making waves in the community as no one really expected to see them near the top, but the talent of this roster proved everyone wrong.

In 3rd place to round out the top three teams in the NA online qualifier we find the ex-eUnited roster that consists of Lyric “lyric” Quinonez, Justin “Teenage” Phipps and Nicholas “Crust” Kell. Clinching the No.1 spot in the first game and consistent top 10 placements allowed them to take a top spot, but a low amount of kills kept them from breaking the top 2 spots in the tourney.

As a note, these qualifiers don’t really qualify the teams for the Paris Premier lan tournament in April, as it is postponed indefinitely. But this tournament allows teams and players to continue to grind for ALGS points and prize money as we inch closer and closer to the World Championships that will happen hopefully within the year. TSM continues its dominance over the Apex Legends scene and it doesn’t look like anyone is stepping up to stop them...yet.

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